Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sweet Peas back together again

It was so nice to get together with the Sweet Pea ladies again today after we had to cancel our last meeting.

Mary had offered to host this meeting and so we all gathered at her place - very nice.

Linda and I took a stack of quilt tops for show and tell.  Linda had 4 and I had 8.  I couldn't believe it when I came home and found I had still managed to leave 1 behind.  9 quilt tops would be an all time record for me for show and tell.

 There was show and tell from the others as well.

Top left - Margaret had recently taken classes at the Taupo Symposium.  This project fascinated me.  A landscape created around a mix of fabrics cut into tiny pieces.
Top middle - Andreena has successfully completed a chevron quilt top with a fish theme.  This is to be for her son's next birthday.
Top right - Trish shared this work in progress on a tulip quilt.  Debbie has been satin stitching the applique in place for her.
Bottom - Moira always surprises us with her excellent execution of her sewing projects.  These Santas made up a delightful table runner.

You can read about our gathering with a different perspective on Linda's blog.

Thank you, Mary, for hosting our get together.  It was very special.

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Shay said...

I really enjoy seeing the show and tell from Sweet Peas gatherings. You're a creative bunch!