Friday, July 26, 2013

Healing Hearts

I belong to an Australasian Yahoo e-mail group called Southern Cross Quilters.

One of the lovely aspects of this group is that you can let them know of people who are going through difficulties and they send out a call to all members to send 6.5 inch blocks featuring 'healing hearts' in colours of the recipients choice.

Just over 10 years ago I had hip surgery and, unknown to me, my sister Linda let it be known that I needed healing hearts.  It was a delightful surprise, when, still in hospital, the heart blocks started flowing in.

At that time I received over 80 blocks from quilters in Australia and New Zealand.

I held on to them, waiting for inspiration as to how to piece them together.

Following the loss of our Mother in 2011 members of our local quilting group got together (again unknown to me) and members made heart blocks for both Linda and me. 

My blocks now totalled 112 and still I was waiting for inspiration.

Last week I looked lovingly at my collection once again and decided there as were so many and they were all so diverse that I would just go ahead and piece them together row by row.  I have made a quilt top 10 rows by 10 wide = 100 heart blocks.  I still have another 12 blocks which I plan to use as back art on the quilt.

It would be lovely to highlight all of the heart blocks but there are so many.

These are just a few - they evoke happy memories of people whose lives have come into contact with mine through quilting.

Some have names identifying them and some not but all very much treasured as the healing hearts that they are - thank you quilters one and all.


Jenny said...

You have been busy Peggy, and made a good start. Are you planning a border at all?

Healing Heart blocks are so special, and like you I have some which need to be worked on. Sometime soon, hopefully.

Shay said...

I love the idea of sending healing hearts to people who need them. What a great way to let someone know you care.

I think the quilt top looks perfect done like that. It lets the hearts stand out and take centre stage.

Vicki said...

How very, very special! How exciting to have all those memories and special friends.