Monday, July 15, 2013

Delightfully scrappy

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with our oriental theme orphan blocks and I said to Linda I would enjoy doing more of the same.

Not long after Linda produced a storage bin full of orphan blocks for me to play with.  I could be busy for a while.  Apparently there is a second bin with more if I have the inclination.

Amongst her treasures was a bag of pieced blocks that I thought I would like to play with and after a couple of efforts we decided on this layout.

I have already started piecing them and they look very sharp.

Linda had picked up these blocks at a trash and treasure table at a quilters gathering some years ago.  Finally they have found a home in this quilt top.

Once I have these pieced together, and I am already more than half way there, we will play with borders for a finish.


Nancy said...

Lovely arrangement for the blocks, Peggy.

I really need to get busy in my sewing room again, but my two sisters are here for a visit. Quilting will have to wait until later.

Shay said...

This looks very antiquey! Love it ...How come I never find blocks and useful bits when I go rummaging?

Vicki said...

I love this pattern, I've made two quilts from it. This one is particularly great!