Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A walk in the garden

Spring is well under way here in Taupo but Jack Frost still likes to remind us of winter with the threat of a frost or two.

It was close to zero celsius here this morning so it was a bit crisp outside first thing but well worth a walk in the garden on such a fine day.

A number of our trees are just laden with blossoms.

The rhododendron trees are just coming into flower.  We replanted a yellow one last year that had not been doing well and it is awash with flowers this year.

Freesias, fresh and spring like are popping us in different spots as are the tiny grape hyacinths.  Some Linda planted but some appear to be volunteers.

I was surprised by the variety of flowers on show and these images probably represent only about half of what is there.

Perhaps I should take a walk in the garden again soon to take pictures of the others that are around so I can share them too.


Nancy said...

Lovely blooms - so nice to see them especially as the Autumn is quickly approaching here.

Shay said...

You certainly have a riot of colour going on in your garden.

Spring is being slow to start here I must say . My cherry tree is still not in bloom – I think this must be the latest it’s waited ever. I think that’s a sign that we had a very cold winter down under!

Vicki said...

The glory of nature is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing, as things around here are going the opposite directing.