Sunday, September 08, 2013

For the love of buttons

What is that makes a lovely big jar of buttons so fascinating for me?

They do evoke happy childhood memories of staying with a favourite aunt.

Playing with her button jar when we went to stay with her kept us occupied for many an hour - what a clever lady she was.  She had obviously learnt a trick or two about how to keep children happily at play.

Somehow I seem to have accumulated quite a collection of buttons over the years and for the most part they live as a decorative item in an over sized cookie jar.

I brought them out one week for our Sweet Pea ladies to look through for a craft project.

Rochelle remembered about them and recently asked if she could bring her daughter around to have a look at them.  Her daughter, Heather, was involved in a school project where she had to create something that was totally recycled and buttons was one way of achieving her goal.

Today Heather brought the results of her button project to show us.

The pupils creations are going to be auctioned at school.

Not only did they have to create something from recycled items, but they had to have a business name.

In this case it is 'Button On' and Heather has called her earring, necklace and bracelet creations The Retro Collection.

Well done, Heather, we think it looks great and hope you do well when you make your presentation.


loulee said...

Nothing better than having a good dig through the button jar. I loved my grans and now have my own, I still like to play with my buttons.

Nancy said...

I have buttons stashed in all sizes of Mason jars. I often spill the contents to find just the right button(s) for a knitting project.

My mother kept buttons she harvested from old clothing in a large cookie tin, and like you, I spent many, many hours sorting, counting, and admiring the buttons. Even though it has been years, I can still see the image of the large clipper ship on a roiling sea that graced the lid of the green cookie tin. How I wish, I had that cookie tin and its contents.

kathyinozarks said...

I love buttons too! what a very nifty school project-love Heather's business name and her jewelry too-great job!!

Shay said...

Button jars seem to be a thing of the past for the younger generations. I recall playing with my mother’s and my grandmothers quite happily for hours.

Heather’s project looks fantastic.

Vicki said...

Oh my goodness....memories!!! My grandmother did the same thing. Now I have her beautiful collection in my creating space! Thanks for sharing.