Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nine Plus Four - quilt top finished

I am pleased to report that my Nine Plus Four - Version 1 has been completed.

If I was a statistics type person I probably would have worked out how many 2.5" squares I used in the process, but suffice to say, it was lots.

At last the pile of fabrics is diminishing but I am still stitching four patch blocks so that I can make up Nine Plus Four - Version 2.


Nancy said...


You are going to keep Linda and Bertha busy for a long time.

Shay said...

I've completely lost count not only of how many squares are in that quilt but also how many quilts you've whipped through and finished this year!

Lovely finish.

Rose Marie said...

What an interesting pattern .... love it!

Vicki said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! What wonderful colors, and the pattern is perfect. You go girlfriend.