Sunday, July 12, 2015

Where can I buy a cup of coffee

MWhen Linda and I travelled to the States together nine years ago we struggled to find coffee that we really liked. 

Things have changed a lot in nine years and these days Starbucks serve our favorite, flat white, and lots of coffee shops now sport espresso machines.

Spotted in Starbucks:-

Their latest blend of coffee which just happens to be the same name as the town where we grew up in New Zealand.

On our trip to Cascades we asked the gps system to take us to a town called Monroe.  It told us we were at our destination under a bridge and there were no shops in site so we set about looking for somewhere to have coffee.

We ended up at a hospital cafe and went in to buy a cappuccino each.

The lady started to serve us and said, 'Will that be two per cent?'

'Two per cent of what?', we asked.

Well we could have two percent, full fat or no fat milk.

We got that sorted and then she proceeded further with our order, 'Would you like your cappuccino wet or dry?'

Another coffee mystery for us.  Apparently dry is when they really froth the milk on top of the coffee and wet is when it is not so frothy.  We went for the less frothy option.

That was our lesson for the day on coffee making.

We have been able to find Starbucks for our coffee ever since that experience so no more trick questions when we buy our coffee. 


Shay said...

I would have struggled with those questions too. Isn't all cappucino wet? Sometimes despite the fact that you're in an English speaking country it's like you have to learn a whole different language.

Tired Teacher said...

And THAT is why I drink tea! ;o)

margaret said...

how complicated it is to buy a cup of coffee these days! you will be okay here there are plenty of Starbucks, also Costa coffee are all over the place.

Romes said...

Gee I don't like to think about the carbon foot print on that cup of coffee !!

Good that you can get a piece of home whilst abroad, Peg! :)