Friday, September 06, 2019

Back tracking a little

Even with the wonders of modern technology things seem to go awry at times.

I have been sourcing my photos from my phone and that has been working well on the whole but not today so I thought I would back track just a little.

Spotted at Bridlington - a good old fashioned Punch and Judy show.  The stuff of children’s books when I was a girl but still being played out in real life for holiday makers at the beach in Bridlington.

We went to what is called the “Old Town” in Bridlington.

Popped into a little shop selling all types of art work along with some lovely little crafty items like these baby booties with beanie.  Very sweet.

Along the beach front were these very long flower beds still looking quite magnificent with autumn just around the corner.

When we were in Bridlington there were lots of families enjoying the last few days of holidays before school resumed on Wednesday.

A few days later we stopped at a beachside town in Wales called, Rhyl, and the beach was deserted.  The holidays were definitely over for some but not us, yet.


Tired Teacher said...

The booties are adorable. I can't imagine dead-heading all of those gorgeous geraniums. I have a plant nearly the same color.

Kiwi Crafter said...

Have so missed reading your blog. I lost all my contacts on FB and got into a right mess on my iPad! It took weeks to get it all fixed.
I will look forward to reading more of your blogs.