Monday, September 09, 2019

Chester, Chester, what a lovely city

Being able to stay in the city centre and soak up all the charm of the Tudor style buildings was a real tonic for us.

Once again, I found it very hard to leave a place which really captured a little of my heart.

Once we settled into our hotel we stepped out on to the street to be greeted by this busker playing The Impossible Dream on his violin.

We just had to stop and listen for a while, he was so good.

Philip Chidell, the violinist, has been playing since he was 6 years old and although he plays as a solo artist for orchestras he still likes doing busking.

Ever so glad that was the case.

He even had CD’s for sale and I have one in my bag ready to be played and to take me back to happy memories of Chester when we get home.


Jenny said...

I loved Chester too, a wonderful city!

Tired Teacher said...

How lovely (both city and entertainment) and that you have a CD that will revive those memories any time.