Tuesday, September 03, 2019


Over the past four years Linda and I have been very fortunate to visit several times with relatives in a lovely little Staffordshire village called Eccleshall.

It never seems to lose its charm and we enjoy revisiting the shops and surrounds.

On Sunday morning Linda and I went for a walk up the street.  Hardly anyone stirs before 10am on a Sunday in this part of the world.

We stopped to take a photo by Peg’s Cottage and a gentleman paused and asked if we would like him to take a photo of us together.

He proceeded to tell us that he had worked in Stafford for 30 years but had always wanted to retire to Eccleshall.  He has been able to do this and is so happy to be living the country life, going for Sunday runs with fields and animals just a few minutes from where he lives.

We thought his accent indicated that he was from further afield and, indeed, it turned out he was from Melbourne, so we are not the only ones it would seem that have a special liking for the village of Eccleshall.

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Tired Teacher said...

It's a lovely village.