Monday, September 02, 2019

Loving the train travel

In spite of a few hiccups, like missing trains, train delays and transfers from one platform to another, we are enjoying travelling around England by train.

Leaving Bridlington to go to Stafford involved two changes of train and on one segment these two ladies sat across the carriage from us.

I am not sure that it was midday even but they were all set up with alcoholic beverages and glasses, not to mention fresh strawberries in the glasses as well.

This was a mother and daughter travelling to Leeds to buy a wedding dress for the daughter and they were celebrating their outing in style.  There was more to come as they were going to be given cocktails when they arrived at the bridal gown boutique.

As we conversed with them they offered us a ready to drink can of pink gin and tonic.

We said we did not have glasses but this was not a problem.  The daughter dug into her travel bag and found a packet of make your own glasses, where you joined the stem and glass together to make little wine glasses.  They also handed over the remains of their strawberry purchase so that we could have fruit in our drink as well.

A fun addition to our day that never would have happened if we had not been travelling on the trains in England.

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