Tuesday, September 17, 2019


From our visits over the past few years it has been a pleasure to watch the grandchildren grow from babies into young people ready for school.

With the commencement of the new school year, Anna-Clara is now in her 2nd year and she was so excited to return.  We were all surprised at her enthusiasm.

Although Caleb does not turn 5 until February, he qualifies to start with the new school year and so we were there to see him go to school on his first day.

We all set off for the walk to school and to see Caleb go to his classroom.  A bit tearful for him and Mum but they did it.

Anna-Clara is so happy about going to school we feel sure that Caleb will be encouraged to settle into the school routine very quickly.

We like the fact that they don’t expect the new ones to go for a full day for the first week or so and gradually ease them into their new routine.

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Tired Teacher said...

It's wonderful you were there to witness this milestone. Distance makes it difficult to connect in this way.