Sunday, December 02, 2012

Birthdays and such

Mixing travel and birthdays and international date lines can be a bit confusing - almost like having two brithdays rolled in one.

My travel to London commenced on the 30th November and I arrived on the 1st December (my birthday).

However, I had already been receiving birthday greetings on the 30th from friends and family down under where it was already the 1st December.

It was a bit of an all day and night affair getting here from Seattle but all was well in the end.  Aaron (my eldest son) was at Heathrow to meet me and after a considerable journey by taxi we arrived at their home in Wimbledon.

Aaron and Marcele have recently purchased their first home, a one bedroom apartment in Wimbledon and it is very nicely appointed.

Marcele had put together a collection of goodies for my birthday so that was a lovely surprise.

Birthday goodies were opened.  Included in the image on the right is a lovely red top that Lisa bought for me at a craft market we went to in Seattle.

My youngest son, Ricky, joined us later in the day to complete the family circle.

I had a wonderful time in Seattle with Lisa, David and Jackson, but I can see that my time in London will be equally as good.


Nancy said...

Enjoy your special day(s) and all your treats!

Marcele White said...

Your visit is really special for us, and we are happy that you are enjoying too!