Thursday, December 20, 2012

The sum total

Every time I go away I seem to come home with bits and pieces of paperwork that seem to sum up the events of my holiday.

The ever essential passport which is beginning to look a bit travel weary but has a bit of life in it yet.

The travel insurance paperwork, most important but fortunately a claim was not required.

Travel documents - a bus ticket, boarding passes, train travel - I used the Oyster ticket system on the London trains and buses quite extensively.

Must not forget tickets to theatre shows, One Man Two Guvnors and the Mousetrap - lovely memories.

What else do I see, ah yes, documentation regarding free wi-fi at airports.  This has improved greatly over the years and so handy when it is available in our digital travel age.

If I was a scrap booker I would probably use all this to create a photographic treasure, but for me, these items will get tucked away in a drawer and be looked at from time to time to revive happy memories.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I keep odd bits of paper from my travels, too. Like you, I revisit them from time to time to revive happy memories.