Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Maybe I am back in New Zealand?

Sunday morning, after attending family service at a local Anglican church, Aaron, Marcele and I set off to Notting Hill to meet up with Ricky.

He said he wanted to take us to a restaurant there but did not give an indication as to what sort of a restaurant it might be.

Ricky's favourite chef is Australian celebrity chef, Bill Granger, and he was taking us to his London restaurant, Granger and Co.

We had to wait some time to get seating for a table for four but it was well worth the wait (much better experience than that of the Chinese restaurant the night before).

The first thing Ricky did was order a flat white and when I saw the fern decoration in the froth I thought for a moment I was back in New Zealand.  Ricky said it was the best flat white he has had since coming to London.

Bill Granger's food was delicious.  He has what I would call a simplistic style in presentation.  His food was lovely and fresh and well presented.  The menu is simplistic too but good enough for us to have a variety of meals, banana pancakes for Ricky, the full Aussie breakfast for Aaron, a lovely fresh salad for Marcele and I had a BLT on sourdough bread - yum.

Following on from this delicious fare we took a bus to Camden Town and spent several hours exploring the market scene there.  People galore, even when it was getting close to 5pm on a Sunday people were still coming in droves.  The markets of London are a great way to soak up the tradition of this lovely old city which will always be a favourite of mine.


Cherie said...

Ooooo sounds a totally excellent day especially with your loved ones. xo

Nancy said...

Another wonderful memory of your trip.

Another question: what is a flat white?

Romes said...

A Flat White is very similar to a latte only.

A flat white has a stronger coffee flavour as there is less milk and more espresso.

It also has less foam.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Too mean reading about nice coffee when it's 6:30am here! That's it I have to go out for coffee this morning!