Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pansies and clover

The lawn mowing man said our lawn was a mess and that we needed a makeover.

He sent someone in to quote and he said about NZ$800.  Another person added his voice and said about NZ$2,000.

We were not agreeable to either solution but our brother Alan suggested a good dose of all purpose fertiliser, some lime and a liberal seeding of clover.  The cost - about NZ$120.

With some generous watering the clover happily established itself in our lawn.

The lawn mowing man was not impressed.  Did we know our lawn was infested with weed?  We told him of our solution and initially he was not pleased but he has come to terms with it now.

We are in the middle of summer, have had a lot of rain and the clover is very happy.  Every time it is mowed we see fresh growth and within a week the lawn is back in flower again.  The clover is gradually taking over and filling in what used to be large tracts of poor quality lawn.

The lush green growth of the clover is a much better alternative.

 The clover seed is happily migrating to all parts of the garden including these pots of pansies at the front of the house.

Normally these pansies would have been dispensed with by now but with clover as a companion they make quite a pretty display in these pots - at least we think so!

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Nancy said...

Yikes, with those two bids, I would have used your brother's suggestion, too. The clover looks nice.

The pansies and clover are perfect together - so pretty.