Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Then there were three

We had a lovely quiet Christmas this year - just the three of us.

My dear brother-in-law, Glynn, has a military background and loves the toast - 'here's to us and them like us - damn few!' and so we commenced our lunch in this way and with just three of us there it somehow seemed very appropriate.

Linda treated us to a lovely traditional turkey roast with all the trimmings and much later we finished that off with a trifling of trifle - all very nice.

Linda found this lovely centre piece for us at the local op/thrift store.  With the addition of deep red roses and silver candlesticks we thought it looked rather special and added to the season.

More pictures of our day shared are on Linda's blog and I do believe there is a picture of me about to imbibe a little - lovely sparkly sauvignon blanc - made in New Zealand, of course.

In this part of the world we have already entered Boxing Day and post Christmas recovery.  For those of you still sharing the enjoyment of Christmas day - have a good one!

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Nancy said...

Your dinner and celebration sound wonderful.

My Advent and Christ candles was at the center of my table - I love to eat by candlelight.

My dinner is about ready, and so I will leave you with another wish for a Happy Boxing Day.