Friday, December 21, 2012

Bloomin' flowers

Last winter we took out a hedge in part of our garden to make way for a peach tree.

We were happy with the decision as the dark green of the hedge had blotted out so much light and this area became a lot more light and airy.

Once the peach tree was planted we had a lot of garden space with no cover so we bought a whole lot of gazanias to make ground cover.

They had wintered quite well and were just coming into flower when I left for my overseas holiday mid November.

What a lovely surprise to see the myriad of colours on my return.  We are so happy with the solution we found for this area of the garden.

Violas have begun to self seed in the front part of this area and we have put some geraniums at the back so we will soon have a lovely assortment of flowers to look at.

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Nancy said...

A lovely burst of color for your homecoming!