Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back to hexagons

Finally, finally I have been able to take some photos of the hexagon quilt top I have been working on.

A totally enjoyable process, finding out how the hexagons were made and then following through on the piecing.

I don't buy quilting patterns very often.  I had a tab open on my laptop for this pattern for about a week before I hit the button for purchase.

The name of the quilt is Science Fair by Jaybird Quilts.

The pattern incorporates a template for the hexagons but I recommend that you buy the Hex N More ruler for this project if you can.

You can see an excellent tutorial for using the Hex N More ruler at Heirloom Creations.

If you are curious about the hexagons, they are made from 2 x 2.5 inch strips sewn together.  Press seams open and then cut 60 degree triangles across the width of the fabric.  A 40" width of fabric will yield enough to make 2 hexagons.  3 of the triangles are pieced together to make half a hexagon.

The layout of the quilt top is by vertical strips of half hexagons which are then pieced together to create the hexagons.  Confused?  It may be time to buy the pattern for yourself.  I have no regrets regarding buying the pattern or ruler.

The only other pattern I know of for this type of hexagon is Merry Go Round. A much more scrappy version, but in my opinion, just as nice.

I love the way some of the hexagons are floating off on their own in the Science Fair quilt layout.

Can't wait for this one to be machine quilted, but will have to be patient.  There are other tops ahead in the queue.

It will be like good wine, worth waiting for.


jan said...

Your quilt top was definitely worth waiting to see! Question> Does the center where all the points meet cause any problems? I seem to always have trouble where I sew something that has more than 3 seamms meeting at the same place. I have been wanting to do this quilt but hesitate, so I'll be holding my breath waiting on a reply! lol. jan

Vicki said...

I so like this quilt! It is going to be absolutely stunning when it is quilted. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Thanks for explaining how the hexies were made. I like how they are arranged on the quilt top.

Shay said...

It really is beautiful! Im loving seeing this one coming together. Its so sunny and cheerful.Makes me smile every time I see it.