Monday, July 29, 2013

Stash busting to the extreme?

Tidying up after completing the Belle Wave quilt yesterday I found quite a few scrap pieces as well as some left over orphan blocks.

I was going to add the orphan blocks to the others in hand but then decided that if I pulled them apart and harvested them down to 2.5 inch squares I could use them to make a series of 4 patch blocks.

There is more cream background fabric I can use, if necessary.

Who knows, I may have enough for another scrappy quilt top.

Stash busting to the extreme?

On another note, we are having the most wonderful weather at the moment.

Admittedly we are having frosts in the morning but beautiful days follow and the scenery continues to be breathtaking.


Nancy said...

I would never tire of that view!

Jenny said...

We have been so lucky with the weather lately, who would think it was mid winter!

Shay said...

Yes stash busting to the extreme - but isnt it exciting to make a quilt from nothing!