Monday, July 18, 2016

Before returning to Bothell

we spent another day in Leavenworth. 

I think we managed to fit quite a few things into our day.

We had a lazy start to the day and after brunch we went to have a look at the Wenatchee River which runs through the town. 
We returned to town and visited the Kris Kringl store. Three floors of everything to do with Christmas. We managed to restrain ourselves to the ground floor. 
Then it was time for ride around the streets of Leavenworth in horse and carriage. 
Leavenworth is a great place for foodies. Three of many of this type of store, The Cheesemonger, the Oil and Vinegar shop and the Tea and Spice shop. 
Each of the stores are extremely well laid out and tasting samples are freely available. 
Jackson, at just ten, has learned to appreciate these shops and had a wonderful time with Mom and Dad taste testing in the Oul and Vinegar store. 
After a late lunch I had time to indulge in a visit to a quilt shop before we returned to our home on the lake front. 

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Tired Teacher said...

It is fun to visit shops and see the creative displays. I enjoy browsing, but since I'm trying to downsize, I rarely purchase anything.