Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chihuly Glass and Garden

If I have the opportunity to return to Seattle I would more than happy to have a repeat visit to this destination. Chihuly, to say the least, is a prolific glass artist and his work in this medium is stunning.

I had expected all of his work to be outdoors but it is shared between an indoor and outdoor exhibition.

Both components were fascinating but I did love the way the outdoor glass work blended so well with the splendor of nature.

In the area where they had purple glass they harmonized with purple, yellow and orange flowers - a quilters dream combination.

My daughter-in-law, Lisa, loves all things to do with glass work and I think she nearly fainted when she found out that the man himself, Chihuly, was going to be there for a book signing.  The wait was not going to be too long so she joined the queue for a special moment in her life.


Tired Teacher said...

Gorgeous and fascinating art! Some of his pieces were in the Denver Botanical Gardens several years ago.

How wonderful that your daughter-in-law was able to meet the artist!

margaret said...

what an amazingly talented man such works af art he has created and a bonus for your DIL to meet him.

Rayna said...

Thanks Peggy for sharing.The glass is amazing.