Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The smell of sea in the air

On Sunday we went to a Farmers Market in Everett, WA.

The market is located by the water so there was the smell of sea air, which I love, sea birds were calling, yachts were moored and Mt Rainier could be seen in the distance.

A very popular market, we had to park and walk to find the stalls.  The place was abuzz with people and there were more craft and fresh food stalls than you could imagine.

David and Lisa love coming here for the fresh produce.  Peaches are in season and the ones we came home with are super delicious.

Fresh meat was something else, as well as corn on the cob.  Our meal that night from what was bought at the market was something special.

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Tired Teacher said...

Other than harvesting from your own garden, farmer's markets are the next best. I haven't seen or eaten white radishes in many years.