Sunday, July 10, 2016

Quilts revisited

This weekend I am in Stafford renewing acquaintances with Linda's husband's relatives.  They are giving me the best of care.

For me it is quite delightful to visit this part of England again, considering I only came here for the first time in my life twelve months ago.

The train ride was very pleasant and with the abundance of the recent June rain the countryside was at its greenest best.

To backtrack, when I was in London, I mentioned a couple of quilts that Linda and I had sent over but there are still more worth remembering.

Rick and Hannah were with us in New Zealand in April and I gave Hannah a quilt and so when we visited them in London there was her quilt - 

Anna-Clara instantly recognized it as one of our quilts.

One evening Anna-Clara was looking at images on my iPad and she saw a quilt I had made for her.  The next morning she came downstairs with the same quilt in hand.

It was a tactile quilt with fabric pieces for a small child to fondle.  Aaron said he did not remember her being much interested in that but one thing for sure that she knew well was the words to the nursery rhyme panel, Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle.

When Anna-Clara was a baby Linda made her this eat, play, sleep, repeat quilt and here it is much loved, washed and still intact and being used.

We may have to look at adding to the family collection with something for little Caleb as well. 

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margaret said...

how lovely to see the quilts you made with such love being so loved with their owners, yes Caleb must have one too