Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I have been to Virtual Reality and back

David's family own a Virual Reality headset and yesterday I got to experience what it was all about.

That said, I did not play any games but there were two 'experiences' available for me.

The first was an underwater experience. With the headset on you have the impression you are totally immersed in water, sitting on a ship wreck on the bottom of the ocean.  All manner of fish are swimming around and you can swivel the chair and have a total 360 degree visual.  Just to finish things on a dramatic note a huge whale comes swimming by just to say hello real close up.  It almost seems to have a smile on its face.

The second experience was all about man landing on the moon.  From sitting in a living room of the era listening to John F Kennedy's speech about space exploration to landing on the moon and returning to earth in the capsule, this is all pretty amazing technology.

I have no idea how it all works but it was all pretty awesome.  At one stage the impression is you are sitting/standing on a small platform surrounded by outer space as you approach the huge orb of the moon.  At this point I actually had the feeling I could fall off into outer darkness.  On the return to earth in the capsule, the vibrations were so realistic I had to close my eyes.

Apparently I was totally occupied for over an hour but it was so interesting I did not realise this was the case.

So glad that this 67 year old grandma had the opportunity to go to Virtual Reality world and back.


Tired Teacher said...

How fun! I'd love to try it someday.

margaret said...

amazed that this virtual reality exists someone has a very imaginative brain to have thought it up, sounds like you throughly enjoyed your time there