Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Finally made it to Seattle

After a bit of an epic journey I finally arrived in Seattle.

Great to see David, Lisa and Jackson again. It was after 10pm before I got to the airport so after the ride home I slept in this morning and am having a quiet restful day.

The family have a new dog, Tessa, since I was last here.  She was a bit uncertain about me when I arrived last night but today, when there was no one else sitting down she hopped up next to me for a cuddle.

Did she stay for long?  Well, as soon as Lisa sat down she was off to sit next to 'Momma'. She knows where to get the best of cuddles.


margaret said...

have a lovely time do not think I knew you were going to Seattle too presume you will fly home from there and not come back to the UK

Tired Teacher said...

Welcome to the US. I hope your visit is a wonderful and full of adventures.