Sunday, July 10, 2016

Visiting Hobbledown

On my last full day with Aaron and family we went to Hobbledown with the children in mind.

Hobbledown is not far from where Aaron's family lives and has a real country atmosphere.  Children rule here and often parents can go in for free.
There was opportunity for the children to pet hamsters and rabbits.
Different enclosures were home to a range of animals, goats, hens, turkeys, meerkats
And otters too.

The otters were really enjoying the opportunity to bask in the sunshine.  The way they rolled around in a blissful state reminded me a lot of our chocolate coloured cat,Hershey.

Outdoor and indoor play areas were part of the mix and greatly enjoyed by the children.  Nice to have day out with the children before having to say goodbye the next day.

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margaret said...

what a wonderful place for children, I love watching the mere cats we have them at tropical world here in Leeds. Never seen an otter was surprised to see they have them I a sure all children enjoy visiting here adults too