Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In search of Pokemon

This morning Jackson and I went for a walk to a local park in search of the elusive Pokemon.

It was just after 8am and there was still dew on the grass. A very pleasant time of day to be out and about.

This park area supposedly has Pokemon attached to the statue in the image so Jackson did battle while I sipped on my flat white from Starbucks.

The park is landscaped and sits amidst a nature reserve.  For the first time since being here I was aware of birdsong so it was not hard to sit and listen while Jackson pursued his latest interest.

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margaret said...

the craze has certainly taken off, Hannah at the MQG on saturday was showing and trying to explain it to me but do ot have a fancy phone so do not feel guilty not taking part. Love to hear the birds whilst on the garden but not much song as they are mostly sparrows, starlings, magpies etc but the blackbirds sing beautifully when looking for a mate. Was woken at 4.45 this morning by a wood pigeon, we have a pair that are very noisy!