Thursday, July 28, 2016

Walking the dog

An almost daily event in life in Bothell is taking the dogs for a walk.  David comes,home from work sometime after 6pm and so, before dinner, the dogs are taken for a walk.

It looks like one dog from the photo but I have Tessa in tow while I take a photo.

The housing development is well laid out with various nice walks in wooded areas and small parks.  The route we walk each day also incorporates a fenced sporting area where soccer, baseball, football and, I understand, cricket is played.

Of course,
a walk in the park these days would not be complete without a PokemonGo adventure.  Jackson is playing in the foreground, three teenage boys are playing in the background and, although the boy on the bike does not have a phone he is willing to tell anyone who will listen everything he knows about the game.


Tired Teacher said...

It's nice to have a safe place to walk the dogs and/or play a game.

margaret said...

sounds a lovely area with nice walks scattered about. Pokemon seems to have taken over see lots of people doing it do not have a fancy phone so no little about it and do not feel I am missing out.