Wednesday, December 14, 2022

A Midday Walk

 Hannah and Rick were working from home today.  However they were able to take a break around midday so we went for a walk around the housing estate where they live.

 Where the snow remained it was nice and crunchy to walk on but where it had melted or there had been traffic it was icy and a bit slippery in parts but none of us came to grief.  Rick was very good at looking after me.
 At the edge of the estate you can walk through the woodlands.  I think it would be absolutely ideal in another season but the pathway today was quite muddy and slippery so a no go zone for us.
 Just two of a number of snowmen that someone has built on the estate.  I am told they have been there at least 24 hours without any signs of melting.
 Even the fence railings are still hugging the snow.
I heard on the radio that there is the possibility of more snow in the south east of England before the week is out so we will wait ad see.

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