Thursday, December 22, 2022

Another Revisit

 Where there is a church there must be a town.  So, so many grand churches in England, even in the smallest of villages.
Today, however, we were in Kingston on Thames.  Very nice suburb alongside the river Thames and not at all far from Hampton Court.
The church courtyard was covered with a giant size marquee.  Inside about 30 market stall holders selling their Christmas wares.
 From there we moved to one of the largest shopping centres (Bentall) I have seen in a while.
 Those nutcrackers - they seem to be following me everywhere.
 If Santa ever decides to change the colour of his cloth then I go for pink.  So much more gentle on the eyes.
 We spent quite a bit of time in Waterstones bookshop and Aaron bought the children a calendar each of their choice. Caleb chose garden birds and Anna-Clara, a cat calendar.
This morning we lined up to have a good look at the calendar and the cat and monkey toys insisted on being there as well.

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