Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Revisiting London

 What would a trip to London be without a visit to the heart of London.  Here was I on the train, all rugged up for the below zero temperatures but the lady across the aisle from me was obviously feeling quite differently about the temperatures.
 One of the sphynx’s faithfully guarding Cleopatra’s Needle along The Embankment.  Last time we were here The Embankment was being pulled apart to make way for a cycle way.  Much mutterings from London cabbies about this then and even now.  The cycle way is now complete.  I was there mid morning and not much in the way of bicycles, but I understand, in peak hour times it can be very busy. It certainly took a long, long time for the On Off Bus to make it’s way from one end of The Embankment to the other.
 The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben were as splendid as ever.
 The trees of Hyde Park still holding on to their autumn leaves.
 I always enjoy a visit to the National Art Gallery.  I did not realise they put up market stalls in the forecourt for Christmas.
 There was a mini exhibition featuring the paintings of JMW Turner and in particular featuring the use of yellow in his paintings.  Apparently he was a prolific traveller and sketched many thousands of landscapes during those times.
 Ah, what would a trip to London be without hanging around Trafalgar Square
 And touching base yet again with these magnificent lions.

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