Saturday, December 17, 2022

Back to Brighton

 Not the first time I have been to Brighton but previous visits have always been in the summer months, so there was no wandering down to the beach front in the midst of winter.  Brighton is well known for the unusual and this pub would be no exception.  Not my personal choice, I prefer the old style pubs with arrays of hanging baskets and beautiful flowers, but this is Brighton.
The skies were clear but I doubt that the temperature would have risen above 2 degrees all day.
 Rick spotted a whiskey shop and while he discussed various aspects of the whiskey world with the proprietor I wandered amongst the graffiti that decorated the walls.
Prices for 25ml of whiskey varied a lot but the bottle that sold shots for GBP6.50 was a lot more empty than the others that sold shots for GBP13.50.
 Who knew that Brighton might be the place to go for some genuine Italian pizza?
This was exceptionally good, made from scratch on the premises and worth waiting for. This was large dinner plate size and most people were eating them one pizza per person.  I did not think I could go for that so Rick was generous and shared his with me.
 Rick tells me there is aa trend here towards the five pound (money not weight) doughnut in England.
These doughnuts, very poshly displayed, are very popular and founded by an Australian company apparently.
 These very posh Italian leather shoes were being used to decorate the shop’s Christmas tree.

 Rick asked me what I thought was the happiest moment of the day for me.  I wasn’t sure, until I saw this photo he took of me. I had not realised how happy I was to be in the midst of all this fabric.
 I found a basket amidst all the many bolts of fabric and ended up with a few samples to take away with me. I thought they could be some pieces I could give Anna-Clara to play with.

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