Sunday, December 25, 2022

Sewing, Cooking, UNO?

 Tucked away in my small suitcase I managed to include a set of charm squares.  Anna-Clara thought she would like to make a blanket for the cat she is hoping to get for her next birthday when she will be 10.
  Caleb, at 7, thought he would like to get in on the act as well.
 Progress is being made.  She has two more rows to go and she thinks the blanket will be big enough.  Anna is already asking whether a sewing machine might be a better option.
 Baking a cake was a special request.  Caleb put in a pretty good effort.
 Anna wasn’t so much interested in making the cake but wanted to help with the decoration. The recipe said to spread apricot jam before putting the icing on.  Anna was not at all keen on that idea but once the cake was completed there were no complaints.
 Although they gave the cake the big tick Anna told me that the chocolate ganache was too bitter. We had made it with 90% dark chocolate.  Please could we make it with milk chocolate next time.
 Milk chocolate was purchased and so we embarked on a second cake.
 The milk chocolate ganache was not as firm so we had an overflow but the children were happy enough.
 The favourite toys lined up to help with the eating.
The children were happy with the outcome.  I am not a fan of chocolate cake but I did like this one. Thanks Mary Berry for the recipe.
 I also brought the UNO card game with me and this is proving to be a new favourite for Caleb.

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