Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Winter Wonderland

  When I arrived in England at the end of November everyone said it would be very unusual for it to be snowing in December - this would be more common in January/February.

What a lovely winter wonderland I woke up to this morning.

 What I saw this morning had it’s start in the events of yesterday.
Rick and I visited Tunbridge Wells recently.  We passed through the township of East Grinstead and thinking it might be worth a visit set out on a little bit of an adventure.
There was a forecast of possible snow but we decided to make the trip regardless.
 On arrival Rick found a nice little cafe, ‘Nest’, for us to be somewhere warm and have a cup of hot chocolate.
  It was while we were there it started snowing.  It was just a light dusting and that is all we thought it would be.
 Clarendon House is just one of the historic properties on the Main Street.  We took in quite a few shops (Rick loves book shops), stopped at a couple of pubs along the way and then it was time to come home.
East Grinstead has some lovely street decorations for the Christmas season.

Four o’clock and already the sense that dark was drawing near.  The dusting of snow had now become a lot more dense.
 The bus arrived on time but that was about it.  Progress was very slow, so much so that in the end the driver was told that the roads were closed and that he would have to turn around and go back to East Grinstead and beyond.
I was amazed he could even turn the bus around, but in true British style he did.  It was still very slow going.  What should have taken just over an hour originally turned out to be in excess of four hours.
Still, we took it all in good part, even though it was extremely cold.  Not everyday someone like me gets caught up in something like this.
Eventually the driver was able to drop us off at a train station.  Yay, the trains were still working and so after a bit more waiting we finally made it home after 9pm.
The house was warm and Hannah had food ready for us so we considered ourselves very fortunate.

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