Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Christmas Carols with a Difference

 Last night was the Christmas service where Aaron and Marcele attend church.
Their 2 children were to be involved in the Christmas Nativity and so the church had requested they be there early for rehearsals.
The timing of the church service actually clashed with Aaron’s interest in the final of the FIFA World Cup.
Aaron decided we could, at least, watch the first half at home.  By doing that meant we left home later then usual, got lost on the way in spite of Nav Man, which made us even later, but somehow, in the end, that did not matter.
The church singing group were practicing singing carols for the service so I was happy enough to be singing along with all of that.
Once practice was over, much to my surprise, they began streaming secular music, beginning with Last Christmas by Wham.
There was about a 45 minute break until the service started.  Aaron had decided he was going to wait until he got home to see if he could watch a replay of the second half World Cup but another member of the congregation arrived and began to give us his update.  
Next thing we knew the big screen from where we had been reading the words to Christmas Carols came alive with the penalty shoot out and the congregation were cheering Argentina on as if we were in a pub (but with no beer).
That over, a 5 minute countdown popped up on the big screen and then the actual service started.
The children did well in their participation of the nativity. Overall the carol singing was good and, with the service finished, mulled wine and mince tarts were offered to the congregation before we left for home.
I think I will always remember this as Christmas Carols with a difference.

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