Saturday, February 23, 2013

All visitors welcome

Our friend, Debbie, visited yesterday with her two year old grandson, Rex.

Could he see the hens please.


Some of you have asked if the hens have names.  Yes, they do -

Clara - the leader of the pack and the first to lay eggs;
Zara - mainly because she followed Clara in the laying eggs department and their names rhyme;
Henrietta - she was the first to be named by Linda and we thought she was going to be the 'head chook' but Clara soon showed us how wrong we were;
Penny - well if you shorten Henriette to Henny you get and Henny and Penny so we have two pairs of names.  Penny is shy and retiring and definitely at the bottom of the pile with Henrietta.

We are still waiting for Henrietta and Penny to reward us with eggs and feel sure that day will come soon.

Rex was fascinated with the chickens and he is most welcome to visit again anytime.


Nancy said...

Cute names for the ladies.

Your coop is pretty fancy. Did your brother construct it?

kathyinozarks said...

how fun for Rex, love your chicken house