Sunday, February 24, 2013

The simple things of life

When we were young Mum and Dad kept poultry as one of the means of bringing in an income for our family.

If one of the hens laid a double yoker Mum always made a fuss about what a lovely treat it was to have 'two for one' so to speak and you were lucky if you were the one got that treat.

Just a simple thing in the sum total of life but it has stayed with us and yesterday, when one of our new hens laid a double yoker we were most impressed.

Glynn, the man of the house, was the lucky recipient of our first double yoker.

I sent him a copy of this photo along with these words -

This is no joke,
It has a double yoke.
Served as a treat,
For our man to eat.

We have four hens and two of them are laying regularly now so we are getting at least 2 eggs a day.  It will be even better when the other two catch up so we can build a little surplus in the egg department.

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Nancy said...

The poem should show Glynn that it was his special day!

I love poached eggs and toast. Yum!

Diane said...

I always find a double yolk fun (maybe I need to get out more!). I guess because it happens so seldom!

Balisha said...

We find them once in a while. Once we had a whole dozen. My husband loves to find them...he checks to find a particularly large egg and guesses if it is a double.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We've found a couple of them too! We don't see many but once in a great while.