Monday, February 11, 2013

We have action!

Just over two weeks ago I wrote about us purchasing four hens so that we can have our own free range eggs.

Twice daily we have been visiting, cleaning, feeding, letting them out, penning them up for the night and generally making friends with these lovely young ladies.

Today we were rewarded for our efforts.

One solitary egg in the nest.  Small beginnings but a promise of things to come.

It was a lovely surprise at the beginning of our day and we are sure to have many more to come.


Ali Honey said...

That's very exciting. Well done one hen. I think it was buying those "other " free range eggs at the market, made your ladies jealous. I hope they all get into action.
I still hope ( after 45 years ) to soon get some hens of my own- we have room, it's just getting it all set up. We are too busy just at the moment but maybe later this year.
PS love both the zig zag quilts.

kathyinozarks said...

how exciting@ enjoy!