Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Heath Robinson Affair

Now, doesn't that all look a bit strange and unusual.

Not the sort of image I usually try and use on my blog.

This is the continuing story of the apples we were given recently.

We stewed as many as we could but then it was on to making blackberry and apple jelly.

When I had finished combining the cooked blackberry and apples the quantity was too great to hang over the preserving pan so we had to resort to making something from where the jelly could drip, hence this creation.

We even felt the necessity to hang a tea towel over one end to warn of impending 'danger'.

If our Mum saw anything like this when we were growing up she always called it a 'Heath Robinson' affair.  Heath Robinson was a cartoonist who excelled in creating eccentric drawings of weird and wonderful make do and mend inventions.

My estranged husband was a great believer in the make do and mend philosophy.  In his estimation there was a lot you could do with a brick, some blue tac and glue - not necessarily together at the one time but he was often the recipient of Mum's 'Heath Robinson' comments.

The result of our efforts was a thick dark juice that dripped through the cloth overnight.

Linda added sugar and in no time at all we had blackberry and apple jelly - very yummy with fresh baked scones.

Dare I add that we still have apples to deal with?

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Nancy said...

A clever contraption, for sure!

You are making me hungry for homemade preserves and a fresh scone.

Anne Payne said...

Your homemade jelly sounds delicious! It's such a striking color. I'm visiting from the Down Home blog hop. I am following your blog through GFC.