Monday, February 04, 2013

Anyone for a bird bath?

From my bedroom window (once again) this morning I spotted this thrush sitting on the hose sprinkler.

Not only was the thrush sitting there but it was hopping over and under and every which way to take advantage of the gentle shower the sprinkler provided.

Generally speaking the land in the Taupo area is becoming very dry and so the birds seem to be appreciating any water supply that can be found.

Linda took a panoramic shot of the river below and wrote about it on her blog the other day and you can see how dry the land has become on both sides of the river.

This morning we have gentle drizzle.  First rain we have had in a while.  It is supposed become a lot heavier and we hope this will be the case.  It would be really nice to see the land return to green once more.


Ali Honey said...

Yes a lovely sprinkle of just 7mls so far up here...but we are hoping for more.
Where did you get your flatto peach tree from? They are yummy and I'd love to try and grow one.

Nancy said...

How clever of you to capture this impromptu bird bath. Any idea what kind of bird it is?

Glad to hear you received some moisture. Here's hoping more will fall soon.

kathyinozarks said...

what a very cool photo of the bird on the sprinkler-I was happy to click on the photo for a larger view-Have a wonderful week ahead Kathy